Sunday, February 16, 2020

Weekly Oracle Reading-Weekly Forecast for the week beginning with February 17th – February 23rd 2020

Hello My Loves!

Welcome back to our Weekly Oracle Reading-Weekly Forecast for the week beginning with February 17th – February 23rd 2020 with your hostess…

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Things feel a bit on edge don’t they or maybe for some a lot. Dealing with this or that. Your world feels a bit upside-down, don’t fret my loves, this is all temporary, this will all soon pass. Take this time to take care of self, tons of self-love and self-care, do what you can to remain positive, sometimes all it takes is to refocus. Do something you enjoy, it doesn’t have to cost money…and don’t worry about feeling guilty…the best thing you can do for everyone around you and self, is to take care of you! You are not doing anyone any disservice in doing so. 
Mercury Retrograde a chance to recognize what we don't want and manifest what we do want in our lives.

So, why are we going through these things, why are all our electronic devices going wonky, why are things breaking, breaking up, falling apart, leaving us?? All good questions! We are in the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde. Tomorrow, Monday, February 17th 2020 begins the first cycle of Mercury Retrograde for the year in Pisces and Aquarius! This first cycle will end on March 10th 2020 and the Post-shadow period will extend till March 29th 2020. Here are a few links you can read up!

Mercury Retrograde, brings things up to the surface that we need to work on/face and once and for all deal with, either let go, heal it or both! It is also a time for all the “RE” words like, Review, Relax, Regenerate, Recoup, Regroup, Realize, Recognize, I think you see where I am going with this! *wink*

It is also a time, for some of you, you will experience EX’s or old relationships that will come up for healing. So, some of you may see EX’s returning, this does not mean you need to get back together with them. Been there done that! For the most part, it is healing and finding closure. Forgiveness. So that you both can let go and move on, mostly for you!

Mercury causes electronics to go wonky, sometimes even a large appliance may go on the fritz or your car in need of repair. Just stop for a moment, take a few deep breaths, maybe step outside and ground yourself, refocus, know that these changes must happen, and how you respond to these situations depicts what happens next. Stay on the positive side and remember, what you do, say or think brings more of the same. Nobody wants that, unless it is good stuff! Like tacos or margaritas! Am I right?!

Things change, everything changes, we change. It is a constant in our lives. Things change to offer us better! But there are patterns, habits, cycles that we all thrive on, but they really don’t get us anywhere but, in a circle, and a deeper hole. Know what I mean? Time to cut the cords to these things and let go once and for all! You deserve so much better! The best! So, stop spinning your wheels and cut the ties so better can enter your life! Make room for it! Create an alter just for it/them to be welcomed! Clean out space in your closet or dresser, to welcome in a future mate! Create a sacred space in your office or home. Maybe a new career is in order, organize a home office or other to mirror what your intentions are! This is refocusing! Making the conscious choice to create better for YOU!

Moving on to the Weekly Oracle Reading! This week, I AM once again working with Oracle of Mystical Moments deck by Katrin Welz-Stein. She is also, the artist & illustrator for this deck. I will be working with this deck till I AM comfortable with each card and have gotten to know each one personally. So, hang in there, I have plenty more decks I plan to use just for these readings! *wink* 

Crystals for the week!

(please pick and choose what calls to you or all if that is what you want to do)

They are the same ones from last week and tie in nicely!

Lapis Lazuli

Rose Quartz or Desert Rose


Clear Quartz


Red Jasper


TINY TRIUMPHS (21): Keep on the positive side of things in no matter what is going on personally or around you. It may seem like you are working on minuscule projects and feel like it is taking so long to reach your goal. These tiny steps, are actually very huge steps! Don’t discredit them or your accomplishments! All steps and triumphs are worthy! And so are you! You have worth dear heart! More than you know! Things may feel a little on the dismal side, but this will pass quickly for you. If you really need to vent so that you can then dust yourself off, then do so, but with a trusted source. Even if that source is your cat or other fur baby. But it is nice to have that one person that you can go to or they come to you, which ever the case….It’s just nice to know that they are there for us and I am sure they feel the same way. No judgement, just let you vent, scream and cry till you are ready to stand up, dust yourself off and get back to life. It’s perfectly ok to vent! But don’t stay there! *wink* 2’s are duality and 1’s are positivity, intuition and new beginnings. Remember, what you think say or do can bring more of the same. Make sure that they are all positive ones.

MISS SUNSHINE (17): Day to night, night to day. Day night, night day, black and white, light and dark, positive and negative. Look at you!  You are in the light! You have always been there! You are light! You just have to change your perspective! You are always in the light even when things are a bit on the dark side underneath the surface. This card carries the Yin and Yang energies, both Feminine and Masculine. We ALL carry both energies! There is a positive to every negative. This card is asking for us to find balance in self and all things around us, so that we can go about our daily tasks. 1’s Positive, intuition, new beginnings. 7’s intuition, deeper inner knowing, knowledge, mysticism.

PROTECTIVE NEST (25): A call to stand on a firm foundation. One cannot function or build, if there is not a solid foundation to launch and build from. It is important to protect your dreams until you are ready to share it with others. And then only trusted sources, those who support you and can help you branch out and find the right people and places to connect with to further your dream(s). Your career or new career, or maybe you are still waiting for it to happen, and it has been weighing on your mind. Put it on paper rather than keep it tied up in your mind, where sometimes it doesn’t quite make sense there. But when you put it on paper, it then becomes tangible, manageable and workable. Keep it somewhere safe from prying eyes, from those who wish to rip the rug out from under your dreams due to jealousy and greed. This is your dream, you protect it, till you are ready to share it. Be also on the aware as your guides are also telling you it is time to take care of your health. 2’s are duality, strong connection with service and duty. Hard work, balance and harmony. 5’s changes are about, health, vitality.

SECRETS (43): Secrets? What secrets? Yours dear heart, yours! Your dreams are secretive and it is okay to have secrets about it. Nobody needs to know, until you are ready, and your dream is ready to launch. I will tell you first hand, that your dream goals, what you picture it to be, it may come through and look totally different, it may be temporary, something for you to work with till you can get to it and sometimes the Universe sends us something different, better, way better, something we never even thought of. Does not mean you have to give up your original dream! Keep dreaming! In fact, dream really really big! It will land you some where in between, usually on the upper side! You hold the keys to your dreams and future! It is up to you to decide which doors to open! Try all the keys in all the doors! Don’t just stop at one and turn away. Keep going! For some, it may mean you simply need to pay more attention to who you trust your words or dreams with. Some are not trustworthy. So be careful who you trust. 4’s you are on the right path, down to earth, your Guardian Angels are nearby, literally down to earth to help you. 3’s Trinity, Mind Body and Spirit, Ascended Masters, growth, expansion, physical, emotional, spiritual. Financial.

ELIXIR OF LIFE (15): It is a call to remind you to take time to stop and smell the roses. Not always literally, it’s really lovely though! To enjoy more of the simple things, little things we may pass by daily that deserve more of our attention. Look closer at details. What does it say to you? Use your senses to discover things that have been missed or passed by before. Notice the colors, light and dark, details, does it have a scent? What does it feel like? Does it make a sound? What is it’s purpose? How does it make you feel? 1’s Positivity, intuition, new beginnings. 5’s (please refer to the card Protective Nest for description and definition).

Till next we meet! 

Blessings to you!


Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Monday, February 10, 2020

Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with, February 10th – February 16th 2020

Hello My Loves!

Welcome Back to our Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with, February 10th  – February 16th 2020 with your hostess…

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Welcome! My apologies for not getting the Weekly Oracle Reading out yesterday and February’s Energy Forecast! This last week was spent taking care of a sick loved one, whom is now doing much better and I am back at home! So, you will be getting both readings and other news going on in the Universe! 
So, to start, we just had our Full “Snow” Moon yesterday, February 9th 2020! If you’re like me, a bit late in your Full Moon Rituals, you still have time! Up to 3 days around the Full Moon! And what a beautiful moon it was! I got to see it on Saturday, nothing could be seen last night here in Illinois and Missouri. It was raining, raining raining! It was pretty messy and fog in some parts on the drive home.

Full Moons are for letting go of the old, the things that no longer serve us, and I am not just talking about clutter in our home, office etc. Oooh! It is 11:11 AM as I am typing this! How cool is that!? Back to what I was saying before that “Squirrel” jumped in! *wink* We also need to let go of bad habits, old habits, old ways of thinking and looking to a new perspective! Let go of toxic people that don’t support your highest good! I know, this sounds like a broken record, coming from me. But, it is soooooooooo important! We cannot just do it once and be done, there are other things, other habits, other old ways of thinking etc., that we need to let go of! Don’t just stop at one of them, thinking, okay! I did my part, I should be good. Now right there is a great example of “Old ways of thinking” “outdated thinking patterns and habits”. It is called, limited thinking and limited beliefs! Here is a quote I found on the internet, on the blog. 

“Most limited thinking is “controlled” thinking derived from our mistakenly assuming (and expecting) that events will proceed in a set, linear fashion—particularly if we plan well. We worry and are fearful of the unknown if we allow events to proceed in their natural course. Hence, we are resistant to considering alternatives or anything new.”

Onward! Which is also about this Weekly Reading! Movement! Movement forward! Moving! The Universe is talking so fast to me right now, I need to get to the reading! HA!

Crystals for the week!

(please choose what you are drawn to or all if you feel the need)









For this weeks reading, I AM working with Oracle of Mystical Moments by Katrin Welz-Stein, she is also the Artist/Illustrator for this deck!

ABRACADABRA (34): You hold the magic to change in your own world! You are a magician, whether you wish to believe that, it is totally up to you! Stop building castles in the sky/air, you already know what your dream looks like from your standpoint. It is now time to make a move in making them come true! You have it all planned out! It is time to set things in motion, get the ball rolling, get your head out of the clouds, sky and stars and start making some actual progress! The dream phase is complete. Now it is time to make the magic happen! When you put it all in motion, the Universe kicks it up a notch and starts helping you move things properly and the Universe helps this dream come true, as long as you are doing your share of the work. For some, this could also mean an “actual” move. Moving to a new home or new town/state/country. Keep in mind Mercury Retrograde on the horizon and begins February 17th – March 10th 2020. During that time, you do not want to make any rash decisions or buy any big ticket items or go on any expensive trips. During the retrograde, it is a good time for REVIEW, review your plan, future purchases. If you are ready now to make your move, then do so before the 17th if in fact all is already paid for etc. But if you are still in the decision phase, it is best to stay put for the time being and mull things over till after March 10th. Make sure there are no loose ends that still need to be tied up, all is in order for smooth sailing. Get all those ducks in a row. Align them so they align with your goals and dreams. (34) 3’s are all about Mind Body Spirt, making sure you are taking care of self in all ways. Trinity. Ascended Masters are near by to assist you. 4’s to remember all is well and good. You are on the right path. (3+4=)7’s are “The Meaning of Angel Number 7. The number 7 is a highly spiritual number that is associated with intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom, and a deep inward knowing. The number 7 combines hardworking number 4 with mystical and creative number 3. As a result, angel number 7 carries a meaning that both practical and mystical.”

THE OBSERVER (50): Changes are about, but before you decide what you actually want to do, gain another perspective before you make your move. Look at things from all and different angles! As many as you can! See things in a new way, in a new light. Don’t just settle for face value and call it good. Look at all the tiny details. What all does it involve for you? Some things are pretty on the outside, but if you look deeper, you can see the truth(s). Again, be on alert during Mercury Retrograde, it is the perfect time to Reflect Review Renew, Renewal, all those RE words that tie into it. Really look! Make sure that your wishes are in order, that you have looked at all the details, so that your dream does float away from you because you missed some very important details that should have been completed. Wishful thinking is great, but it doesn’t come into view with out action on your part. (50) 5’s mean changes. Endings to something and something new about to begin. Changes are a constant. “Angel number 5 is a number indicating health and vitality in the midst of change. Your physical body is constantly changing and our physical health is always a series of ups and downs. Our guardian angels are always pointing the way to improved health and vitality.” 0’s are God force.  “Angel Number 0 is thought to symbolize the beginning of a spiritual journey. It is through the idea of growing your connection to the universal energies that you can start afresh. Angel Number 0 is also considered to be a sign of “nothingness.” It denotes the beginning of a new phase in your life.”

A LONG WAY HOME (35): You are about to embark on a new journey! A new and welcomed phase or chapter in your life! This is big! For some, you may be uprooting your anchor from one place, to move to another! Or possibly a trip home that is far away. It may all feel a bit like “topsy turvy” but that will all soon fizzle out and you can once again drop your anchor and be at home. It may mean figuratively speaking, of a move. Like, maybe a career change. Something totally unexpected but so exciting! Maybe it is very different from what you imagined it would be! For what it’s worth, enjoy the ride! Take picture and make notes along the way. You will see and do lots of new things, some that you have never done before! Some you never even thought of! Surprise! *wink*  This card is all about your deepest desires. To look at the finer details. To make sure you are putting your attentions in the right places. (35) See above in the first two cards descriptions of numbers.

ROSE GARDEN (9): As I was typing the last card above, I was already getting information from the Universe on this card! I was thinking “HUH?” LOL Now it makes sense! Hee hee I told you they were talking to me fast today! Lots of information! You have grown so much! You are about to break free from your chrysalis! This is a very transformative time for you! (I am getting the goosey chills…the good kind)! This is exciting! Don’t fear change, do not fear what others think, because, there IS nothing to fear! It is going to be sooooooooooo good! You will love it! Trust this time, trust this transformation and this phase! When you come out on the other side of it, you will be so amazed! And you will be thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner! It was so much easier than I thought! But, I will tell you, you must lay down a solid foundation to build your dreams upon! So important! Can’t stress it enough! Write down as many details as you can, expand on each detail to see if anything was missed and that everything is in order. Prioritize. 9’s are endings, new beginnings are in the works! For every door that closes a new one opens!

MY HOME IS MY CASTLE (39): Good luck and good fortune! New Birth! Metamorphosis!  It is lovely to dream and daydream of places you’ve never been or what you dream goals look like, but sometimes they can get jumbled in your head. To get a better perspective is to write them down, draw pictures, write details, diagrams of what steps you have taken or need to take to reach your goal. Doing all this can give you a better idea, a more realistic approach and view of your dreams. Don’t be in such a hurry to get there. There is much work to do in between, so when you do finally reach that destination it doesn’t look like a giant hot mess! (39) (3’s is explained with the Abracadabra card.) And get rid of all that clutter! Lol They just stressed that to me! Lol It will make what ever move you make that much simpler and helps welcome in the new!

 That is all for the reading! Now on to our Monthly Energy Forecast!!!

FEBRUARY ENERGY FORECAST: To begin, I drew cards for each month for the new year of 2020 back in November of 2019! And how cool to see that they match up with the Weekly Readings! Love that! Thank you, Universe! 

New ideas will come into play this month. It is all about contemplation, thinking, and putting things into perspective to see a clearer view of it all. What does the world have to offer you right now, see it! As you hold the world in your hands you will see that it is your stage, your oyster, to dream bigger, even bigger than that! See it all with new eyes! Take of the blindfold and see what is in front of you, listen, watch, pay attention to details. The Universe is trying to relay messages, hints and signs to you! The Universe is trying to show you what you can do differently, or something you never thought of and totally makes sense! So, listen! See! I am glad that I did, I am seeing and doing things I never thought of doing and having the time of my life! I want this for you too! The Universe wants this for you!

Till next week! Many blessings to you dear hearts!


Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 27th – January 2nd 2020

Hello My Loves

Welcome back to the Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 27th – January 2nd 2020 with your hostess…

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

For this reading, I AM working with Oracle of Mystical Moments by Katrin Welz-Stein, she is also the artist/illustrator for this deck.

Crystals for this week

(please use what you are drawn to)

Lapis Lazuli or Tigers Eye or Hematite or Red Jasper (last one not pictured, carnelian is standing in)

Clear Quartz

Desert Rose or Rose Quartz

Hematite (just one will do)


BLOOM (5) Changes are bound to happen, so it is best that you are grounded and connected to both the Universe and Mother Gaia. It is time to live your passions, your dreams! If you are not sure what they are, take a look at what drives you. What is it that makes you jump out of bed and cannot wait to do that day? What are you drawn to? Is it art? Is it teaching? Maybe it is a case of something you have always wanted to do, and do every day because it brings you joy! It is time to know what it is for you, and then start to branch out, grown, study/research, ask questions, so that you are more connected to what you love! For me, it gives me happy goose bumps to do readings & helping others, my art, spending time with family, research and learning new things/knowledge and even going to antique stores and flea markets! These all bring me joy! What is it for you? Isn’t it time you follow your passions and dreams? 5’s – meaning change. Change is a constant. Sometime it is the Universe changing things, sometimes it is on our own accord to change within and usually the Universe has a play in that too. Your guides will send you inklings to start something new or make a change.

LISTEN (6): In order to continue to bloom and blossom, grow…you need to listen. Listen for guidance and your next step. To be connected with the Universe and Mother Earth. Listen for when it is time to make your next move. Listen to your soul, your own intuition. Everything you need to know is there. For some, you have planted the seeds of intention of what you would like to seen in your reality in the near future. Now it is time to listen and watch for signs. Signs can even be heard on the radio or tv in the background, or even passing by others conversations, you may hear the exact words you need to hear at that exact moment and they will be the words that you have needed or maybe waited to hear. It will be like an “AH HA” moment, that little light will come on and you will know just what to do next! For some it may be as simple as slowing down to hear what your body is telling you, or what the Universe is trying to relay to you. 6’s – You can solve your own problems but listening to your own intuition. Solving problems. Learning to compromise. Your problem will be solved very soon and to keep a positive attitude.

RED GARDEN (8): This reading is all about listening and following your dreams, and what you are passionate about. Take small steps to get there, this helps you listen to your intuition and guidance. If you are always in a rush or hurry to get things done, things and little details can be easily missed. See the small green bird on her shoulder, this is a Green Conure of the parrot family. He is very protective and territorial. Compromise and understanding. For us it means, to protect what is ours, our dreams. It is perfectly fine to keep your dreams a secret. You will know the right time to speak up, when all is ready, put in place and ready to launch. 8’s – are a reminder that we are infinite beings and with infinite possibilities. Karma. Harmony, Peace and Balance. Recognizing your dreams/career on your spiritual path. Possibly closer to realizing your goals.

THE GIFT (23): Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all been given a gift, a gift to help others as we are in human form, to help one another reach our highest possible potential. Many are very passionate about their gift(s). When opportunity presents itself to us, it is our duty to use those gifts to help others. Be careful though, and know your limitations and set boundaries for others, so that you don’t end up used and drained of your own energy. Spiritual devotion. Perhaps you have seen a swan in your dreams or recently in repeated images (internet, books etc) This is a sign to heal your past and let go of something you have been holding on to for a very long time. Maybe you have difficulty letting go. It is time. Good and better things will come along in doing so. For some, there may be some excitement about receiving a gift, or knowing the Universe is about to gift you. Keep positive thoughts and believe! Let go of the past and welcome in the new! 2’s are duality, A strong connected with service and duty. Balance and Harmony. 3’s Mind Body Spirit, Ascended Masters nearby, Abundance, Increase and growth. Expansion. Added together we again get the number 5. Change. See also under the BLOOM card description.

MERMAID’S LOVE (24): Not just in romantic relationships but all types, that can we learn from each other, those we connect easily with, we both learn and flourish. The more connected the more we learn. This type of relationship may seem familiar, like you knew them from your past. Almost instantly upon meeting the first time, you just knew them and were instantly drawn to them. These are your family and tribe from other lives, but usually different faces and bodies. You both compliment each other and flow easily together. What one is lacking the other provides. 2’s (please see under The Gift card) 4’s – Your guardian angels are near, down to earth concerns. Energies with others resonate. Practicality. Get out of a bind or make a situation better. And for some 4’s can mean the right path.

See you soon! Many Blessings!


Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 20th – 26th 2020

Hello My Loves!

Welcome back to our Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 20th – 26th 2020 with your hostess…

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Sorry I missed doing this on Sunday! I was away with family and stayed a couple extra days due to snow. Thought it better safe than sorry! Back home now, safe and sound!

The New Moon is approaching us on January 24th (Friday) 2020. Here are some things you can do during a New Moon! 

 This week I AM working with Oracle of Mystical Moments by Katrin Welz-Stein, she is also the artist/illustrator of this lovely deck.

Crystals for this week!
(pick what calls to you or all)

Lapis Lazuli

Black Onyx, Black Labradorite or Black Obsidian

Blue Lace Agate (Blue Angelite is filling in, as I don't have the Blue Lace...Yet!)

Tigers Eye or Carnelian

Rose Quartz


Clear Quartz

MORNING DEW GIRL (13): This year, yes, I said Year! This year’s theme is all about compassion! Not just for others but self. This is a very important year and we have a lot of work ahead of us! Light workers and the like, do plenty of self-care and self-love and you will want/need to keep up this regimen as you will be needed by others to help them with their awakening process. To encourage them and know that they are fully loved at all times. Let them know that all this turmoil is temporary, to work on healing their past, once they get to the point of knowing what to do when the past rears it’s ugly mug, knowing how to respond to it, it will be so much smoother and easier for them to handle on their own. They will be so grateful for learning to heal themselves and have acquired tools of the trade and know how to use them.  Do make sure that you know your limitations and set your own boundaries. This is another tool you can share with others to learn from.  1’s are new beginnings, intuition, positivity. 3’s are trinity, mind, body & spirit, gateways to new, ascended masters are near by to help and support you.

EVA (16): Not all things are what they seem or appear to be. Caution of those who wear masks, carry clear quartz and kyanite to see through those who are being deceitful with you. This has that whole, “shiny object” appeal. Not everything that sparkles is truth, it is more of a deceptive tactic to lure you, to betray you. Be careful who you share your secrets with or information. There is someone in your life now, or someone new could enter, or someone from your past could re-enter your life. Don’t let “pretty faces” “pretty talk” fool you. Listen carefully and see clearly for the truth. 1’s -new beginnings, door opening, positivity, intuition. 6’s – Compromise, problem solving, things working out to your advantage.

CAN YOU HEAR ME? (28) Are you speaking your truths? Are you standing up and speaking up for yourself? Now is the time! Come out of your shell and say what is truly in your heart and what is on your mind. Use kind words, but do speak up for yourself! You don’t have to stay in this shell or closet forever! It’s not a good place for you to be! Life is out there and it is time you live the life you have always dreamed about! It is time! Speak your truths with confidence, speak with clarity, speak clearly so that your words are understood without question. Don’t turn your back on what could be! There is so much good just waiting for you to embrace it! Go get it now! 2’s are duality, what you think say or do can impact your life, whether they are positive or negative…. which ever you do is what you receive more of. You choose! YOU create your reality. 8’s a reminder that you are infinite and there are infinite possibilities. Choose carefully and proceed.

WEAVING FLOWERS (33): Mind Body Spirit. Do things that bring you joy. This is a time to be creative with what you have. Not just physically, yes do create, it is good for the soul and spirit, but so is creating your reality. Find what works for you and weave it into your current reality and it becomes a constant, it creates a chain of events that you want to see every day. You create your reality, so why not create the one you love and always dreamed about. It can and will happen with the right attitude, doing all the inner working and healing, positive actions, thoughts and words. Positive affirmations. Taking steps forward. 3’s – the card number being 33 amplifies the number 3, making it more magical and more powerful. The Ascended Masters are there and ready to help you. Know this. If you are unsure still what to do, just ask them and your angels for help, to show you signs of your next step etc.

UNDER MY UMBRELLA (20): Again, help others when you can. Be a friend. But as mentioned earlier, there are people that wear masks, know the difference. Always be kind to others. But don't allow them to overstep your boundaries. Make sure those are clear to others, so that everyone is on the same page. Let go of those who clearly do not understand boundaries and don't show any signs of it in the near future. It is ok, they will eventually find their way. It is not your job to do that for them. Your job is to show kindness and compassion, even if that means letting them go for their own good and yours too. 2,s are duality. Actions, words and thoughts can come back and kick you where the sun don't shine. They can also do the opposite with a positive manner, but only good things coming back at you without the swift kick in the bum! 

Till next time!

With much love, light and blessings!


Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 13th – January 19th 2020

Hello My Loves!

Welcome back to our Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 13th – January 19th 2020 with your hostess…

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Thank you for being here!

Well that was a whopper of a Full Moon! *wink* Time to move forward and work with our intentions we wish to manifest!

For this reading, I AM working with Oracle of Mystical Moments by Katrin Welz-Stein, art/illustration by her as well.

 Crystals For This Week
(go with what calls out to you)

Lapis Lazuli


Tigers Eye or Citrine

Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz or Desert Rose Quartz

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? (28): Are you receiving the message? Are others listening to what you have to say? Are you speaking your truths? It is all about going with the flow this week. Listening to your intuition and higher self. Listen to what each has to say, then follow suit. Do it before it becomes so loud you can no longer ignore it. It can show up as an illness or even something breaking down. For some, it may simply be a matter of speaking your truths. People do not know what you are thinking. The matters cannot be cleared up if you do not speak up! Know what it is you want to say, be clear and concise about it so that there is no confusion in the future. Nothing can change or get better if you don’t speak your needs to others. They may be oblivious to them, if you don’t talk about your needs, they will never know and things will not change or get better. For some, it may be a matter of listening to someone who is trying to speak to you or get your attention, but your mind is elsewhere. In any case, it is time to pay attention. 2’s are duality, what you think say or do can manifest. So take notice. 8’s are a reminder we are infinite souls. 8’s also tie in with what you say think or do, karma. What goes around, comes around. Added together you get 10, one’s are intuition, new beginnings and positivity. 0’s are God force.

MISS SUNSHINE (17): Do you feel like your world is upside down right now? The Universe is asking you to not look at it that way. Rather to see/take notice of what changes you can make to turn it around. This is really important right now! You want better, you want to make your dream goals a reality! It is time to get busy taking care of these things that make you feel caged in, you need to free yourself of those things. Day and Night, Night and Day…….to find balance…what you do during the day will greatly affect your night time. Being positive, deciding to be happy even when there is chaos about. Going with the flow. This reminds me of the lotus flower, where even though it’s roots remain in darkness does not keep the flower from blossoming in the light despite the dark and all the while, going with the flow. Be the light that shines for others, so that they too can find their way and share it with others. 1’s are positivity, new beginnings, intuition. 7’s are also like 1’s, intuition, a deeper knowing and understanding. Wisdom. Added together we receive an 8. 8’s again are infinite, we are infinite souls. Karma.

SEA WITCH (52): Again, going with the flow! Reminder of what we are holding onto that is no longer serving us. What baggage can we drop so we can heal our past? Keep only what you absolutely love, let go of what does not fit, does not make you smile anymore, does not interest you etc. It is not meant for you any longer. There is much better awaiting you! Let go! Once you let go of the things that weigh you down, it will be so much easier to move forward, easier to go with the flow. What you once thought you still needed, just doesn’t feel right for you anymore. 5’s are change, much needed change or things are about to change for you. 2’s are duality, balance, harmony or a call to duty. Added together, we get another 7. 7 is now amplified, really listening to our intuition, following our inner guidance, Wisdom and knowledge.

MY DEAR FRIEND (47): As you follow and do all these things mentioned, you are being a dear friend to yourself and higher self. These things will connect you and put you on the right path. It will create movement forward, propelled! For some, it may simply mean to be a friend to others. But make sure they understand your limitations and boundaries. For some, it may be a matter of wanting friendships in your life. There are a couple things you can do here. One is to be a friend! To learn to be kind and compassionate to self, to give yourself plenty of self-love and self-care. The other, is to be open to the possibility, to the opportunity to present itself. It is there, if you choose to do the work. 4’s Right path/or getting back on track. Guardian angels are near for love and assistance. Down to earth.  7 again, amplified x3 in this reading! 7’s are also like 1’s, intuition, a deeper knowing and understanding. Wisdom. Added together we receive an 8. 8’s again are infinite, we are infinite souls. Karma. Added together we receive 11, Awakening, 1’s amplified, meaning the angels are very adamant about a message they are trying to relay to you. Also, add the two 1’s together we receive a 2. Another 2 amplified in this reading.

MORNING DEW GIRL (13): Dew = Water, again. Be fluid, go with the flow. To not fight it. Another reminder to be compassionate to self and others. To fill our own cup, so that we can be of service to others. All the 7’s in this reading is a call to duty! It is our duty to be compassionate to others and self. When we have more than enough, it is our duty to share with others. To take care of each other. When we do so, it turns on a light for others to want to do the same for someone else. Money isn’t the only thing we can give others to help them. There are many other avenues. I am trying to remember the name of the little green bird, I believe he is in the parrot/parakeet family. But either way I am getting a reminder to watch how you talk to yourself/self talk and how you speak to others. Is what you say, Kind? Compassionate? Loving? Positive? 1’s again, amplified. Listen to your intuition, listen for guidance, listen how you talk to self and others. Positivity and New beginnings. 3’s are trinity, body, mind and spirit. Ascended Masters and also Hecate. Added together we receive a 4, again, this number is amplified. Your path, are you following it? Do you need to get back on track? Also, intuition, down to earth, angels near by.

Much love and many blessings!

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 6th – 12th 2020

Hello My Loves!

Welcome back to our Weekly Oracle Reading for the week beginning with January 6th – 12th 2020 with your hostess….

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Hello and Happy Sunday to you! Hope you enjoyed your holidays! Happy New Year!

Pretty sure you know what is going on in our world right now and the Universe is asking us to not fret, or lash out at others, when we are confused and not sure what else to do. The Universe is asking us, right now, to raise our own vibrations and show compassion to self and others. To not judge or call names. Or even, assume the worst. The worlds goings on right now are for a purpose, a purpose we may not fully understand. But there is a reason for everything. Firstly, show yourself compassion by self-love and self-care. Find time in your day to raise your vibration. Here is just a small list of things you can try.

Singing and/or Listen to music you love

Walk in Nature/Go for a run


Paint – Do art



Chant Mantras

Choosing to have a good day

 This coming week we enter our Full Moon, a Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th 2020. This is a time of forgiveness and focusing on the positive. Forgiveness of self and others so that you may move forward. Think of all the ways that are holding you back, many necessary changes so that it may free up space to manifest the new. This is the time know what you want this year, start writing down ideas and clear the path of things that do not support what you wish to accomplish. Then take action. Break down larger tasks into smaller and more manageable chunks. This will help you from burnout. Also, take time to breathe, refocus if needed, rest when needed or even ask for help from trusted sources if you feel stuck. Outsource, delegate where appropriate. Know your limitations and create boundaries.

More about the Full Moon and rituals:

Moving on to the reading…….

Crystals For The Week

(choose all or what you are drawn to)

Light Green Jade or Jade



Rose Quartz

Black Obsidian, Black Onyx or Black Tourmaline

 For this reading, I AM working with Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein, she is also the artist/illustrator of this deck.

PROTECTIVE NEST (25): You have dreams and goals that need protection from others eyes. It is not selfish to keep secret of your dreams and goals from others. You are not ready yet to reveal it. Keep working on all the steps to complete your goals to get there. There are always going to be people out there ready to rain on your parade or with one swoop, sweep out the rug from under you and take all your hard work and steal it for themselves and their own self-gratification. There are dream stealers out there! Protect your dreams, wait till they are all in order and set to launch. You are the creator and co-creator of your dream, so protect it! 2’s are duality, negative and positive, yin and yang, it is all where you put your focus, attention and energy. 4’s say you are on the right path. Keep going. The path may not always be easy, but to stay positive and see obstacles with different perspectives. Some are just to say, rest, or stop and listen.

LULLABY (38): Having trouble sleeping at night? It is time to change your tune. Are you being totally honest with yourself and others? Have you said words in anger you wish you could take back? Actions speak volumes, make them positive ones. Clear your mind of repetitive thoughts, things that just keep going around and around in your head till things no longer make any sense. You can do this by cleaning your slate. Apologize to self and others. Change the way you respond in a time of chaos. Speak your truths and be truthful with others. Give yourself no reason you cannot sleep. That your mind is clear of any angst, regrets or scenarios of what could of maybe happened. Release all this negativity. Let it go, it does not serve you well in any way. 3’s are the Holy Trinity, Mind Body and Spirit, Ascended Masters as well as Hecate. Ask for assistance from your guides, masters or Hecate  if you need help with these things. 8s are a reminder that you are an infinite soul. Possibilities are infinite. Balance. If you need assistance to cut the cords to your past or toxic people and situations, call upon Archangel Michael, he is ready to help on the call of his name. He rushes in with his mighty sword to swiftly cut the cords for you! Give gratitude for his help. Pretty sure you will sleep better at night! *wink*

THE ART OF SEDUCTION (14): I don’t feel this card is all about romantic partners or sex. I feel it has more to do with intimacy. But in a different way. To be more passionate about who we are, what we love, what we do, towards our dreams and goals. To fully understand what our likes and dislikes are, in all departments. Start to see things in a different like and different ways. Ask yourself, do I still like this or that? Have my tastes changed? And if so, how? People will go through life accepting things they really don’t like and accept them as “likes,” just to fit in. Really examine your life. Are these things still true for me? Do they support my highest good? Once you let go of what no longer serves you, you start to discover what you truly like and love, then be passionate about them, as well as your dreams! 1’s are new beginnings, positivity and intuition. 4’s you are on the right path, or you have new ideas of how to get there. 4+1 = 5, 5’stand for changes.

SEA WITCH (52):  What is holding you down and keeping you from going with the flow? This card definitely is asking you the same questions as previous cards, but in a different way. It is all about letting go of what does not serve you any longer. Things that hold you down or back from accomplishing your goals and dreams. To stop holding on your past, to things and people that do not support you or your highest good. I feel like I am repeating myself, and I am, this only means that the Universe is trying to get a very important message across. To free yourself from the wrong connections and connect with things that help you go with the flow. In all cases, it is time to move forward. To know what you want, let go of what you don’t, know what you like and don’t like, be compassionate with yourself and others, be passionate about your dreams and goals. 5’s Changes are about. 2’s are duality.  2020, IS the year to make these changes and to know what you want, what you truly want.

BLOOM (5): Your mind is in a million directions and not connected to any one thing. It is time to change that. Change your focus. Put your attentions where they should go and be more connected to self, the Universe and grounded with the Earth Plane. The Universe has been shaking things up to get your attention, to focus on what is important for you and show compassion for others. And self. Get serious and start writing down what you want in life. Once you find it, grow roots and bloom there! Blossom!!!!!!! It is also, a reminder that we are connected to everything and everyone. We are all one. If we are not doing right by ourselves, then we are not showing compassion for others.

Till next week!

Many blessings!


Rev. Nancy Baumiller

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Weekly Oracle Reading for the Week beginning with December 30th – January 5th 2020

Hello My Loves!

Welcome back to our Weekly Oracle Reading for the Week beginning with December 30th – January 5th 2020 with your hostess….

Rev. Nancy Baumiller

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! The New Year of 2020 is in just a few days!! Can you believe it?! The year went by so quickly! But in all honesty, I AM ready for a new start, a new beginning, start fresh! The holidays can wear a person down to their very core and right now it is so very important for self-love and self-care. Last night I felt the need for a salt bath, to let the water wash over you and cleanse anything toxic away. As I let the water out, I let go of anything that does not serve me or my highest good, I let it go down the drain so that it can be transmuted and transformed and come back as something needed.

With being away from the Weekly Readings, I sort of just missed the whole New Moon, but yet I automatically started letting go of things. I guess my intuition is growing along with my spirituality. I have been out of sorts not doing the weekly readings, and all the holiday hub bub, and meeting a whole crew of new people! Not complaining mind you! Not in any means! It is just important to recognize when you are tired and need some space to recharge.


Rhodonite or Rose Quartz

Clear Quartz


Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli


For this Weekly Oracle Reading, I AM working with Oracle of Mystical Moments by Katrin Welz-Stein, art & illustration by her as well!

QUEEN BEE (11): To bee or not to bee is the question, the answer is simple, to just be! Refuel, Recharge so you can be that busy bee again and get things done! But in order to do that, rest is in order. You can’t be in two places at one time. You cannot be what you need to be for you and others if you do not take time to rest. To breathe, realign and balance yourself so that you may focus on what is important and with the New Year at hand, new beginnings are going to be happening left and right for so many of us! Many awakenings will be occurring this year in 2020, just look at the number of this card “11”! Eleven is an awakening code, it also means New Beginnings, positivity! To focus on what is important. Dreams are about to come true for many! Believe it, trust it! If you don’t see things coming true for you, do not fret, it just means it is not the right time, or the Universe needs for you to do more inner workings. Be patient. All good things happen in divine timing.

MORNING DEW GIRL (13): More compassion, not just for others, you have given so much that you may feel depleted of energy. It is wonderful to have and show compassion for others, but also know when it is time to give some of that compassion to yourself.  Maybe you said some things out of frustration while feeling depleted of energy, don’t beat yourself up about it, brush yourself off, forgive yourself! This is also, important, not just now but at any given time when you are too hard on yourself. Forgive self. The number of the card is 13. We spoke about 1’s above under the Queen Bee card. 3’s go very well with this card, as they hold the vibrations of the trinity of Body, Mind & Spirit. Compassion as well. To care for self and these things, to listen to your body and what it needs. Is it quiet? Is there anything I need to let go of? Do I need more water? Or change the way I eat? Have I forgotten to practice in my spirituality so that I may grow?

HOUSE OF FLOWERS (36): The Universe is very adamant about self-love and self-care, so I cannot express it enough, but we must follow it and care for it. Our body is our home, we must nurture it for it to grow in body mind and spirit! If things go untended for to long, they get stagnant and in major repair. As so goes with our houses in which we live, others whom we love & cherish. The Universe has a way of getting our attention and what we should be doing, it speaks to us with a gentle reminder, and if we choose to ignore the signs, the reminders become louder and louder that we can no longer ignore them. It shows up as illnesses, things just going wrong or breaking/breaking down. Etc. Nurture you, nurture what is around you, create a peaceful balance in all areas of your life so that it can blossom and grow!

3’s we mentioned above under Morning Dew Girl. 6’s are again about compassion, responsibility, family. It can mean a shift, especially in your home or living arrangement. It could possibly mean a move, a new home.

KEYS ON TREES (48) The signs are everywhere, are you paying attention? If not, maybe you are caged up in your own thoughts and dealings that you cannot see what is in front of you! You hold the key to free yourself from the cage you build around you! You are making mountains out of molehills! Slow down and take a look around. Instead of allowing those that love you in, you have worked very hard to put up a wall around you. It is time to free yourself from this prison cell and break free from the restraints you built.

4’s It is time to be practical, your guardian angels are near by working on your behalf. To help you see the light and help you take notice of the signs around you and they want you to get back on your path. 8’s are a reminder that we are infinite beings, limitless. We attract what we what we say, our actions and thoughts. Pay attention to what you are manifesting. Is it for my highest good? To find balance. Yin & Yang. Sometimes one outweighs the other and we need to refocus and find balance, and this is where we need to self-discipline ourselves.

NEW DIRECTIONS (45): No surprises here my loves! A new year and new beginnings! To focus rather on going with the flow, especially if you have already put out your dream wishes! Let go of what does not serve you so that you can catch the breeze and ride the wind to your new destination! Don’t try to hold onto anything, somethings are just temporary and knowing the right time to let go so that you can move on to bigger and better things! Allow things that are not meant for you anymore to fall away. You know deep down that it is not yours and you want better for yourself and those you love. 4’s were mentioned under the previous card “Keys on Trees.”  5’s are change(s) New is arriving, changes are about. Go with the flow, don’t fight it.

 JANUARY 2020 Monthly Energy Forecast:
For the time being, before the New Year arrives, it is a time to be still, not idle. We can still get things done without wearing ourselves out completely. To do things with purpose & good intentions. To move towards what we want, rather than what we don’t want or need. Put down the need to fight yourself every step of the way. Be clear on what you want, break down steps into more manageable tasks toward your goals and dreams. Quiet that “Monkey Mind”, you know, when your mind races and thoughts just keep accumulating or thinking “I could of said or done this instead”! What use is that really?! Will it change anything?! No, no and no. This is your ego trying to make sense of every damn (for lack of a better term) thing and it creates every scenario possible! But none of this can change what has already happened. The past is the past! Let it go! Toss it in the “Fuck it Bucket” (again my apologies *wink*) (not really sorry) Heal what needs to be healed, forgive what needs to be forgiven and move on! Be clear, clarity. Be so clear on what is you want in your life that there is no room for drama or negative people. Set your intentions, DREAM BIG! BIGGER! Let go of the outcome, because it will look far different that what you are expecting. *wink*  Meditate!!!!! Meditate!!! Meditate!


Be still not idle

Stop fighting yourself

Quiet the “Monkey Mind”




See you next time!

Love and Many Blessings!

Happy New Year!


Rev. Nancy Baumiller