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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 87 - 365 Days of Spirit Art Journaling for Artists

Welcome to Day 87


365 Days of Spirit Art Journaling for Artists

with Nancy Baumiller

Theme: Be Still & Listen
Be still and quiet enough to hear the messages meant for you


Be present, take notice of signs that present themeselves to you


You will think at first that they are just coincendences but they are messages just for you

Everything happens for a reason

Listen, See and Awaken dear ones

There is more, so much more to life

Observe these messages 

They are answers to your prayers

You will know when angels are around sending messages

it may be...

A rainbow

Find money

White Feather out of no where

Repeating number sequences 

Pictures of Unicorns


A sweet scent

Flashes of Inspiration

Clues or signs in your dreams

Cloud angel shape or signs

Sparkles of Light

A warm sensation around you

Some send messages through TV or Radio

Be present and aware

Come to understand it's meaning

Show gratitude

My art for this round:
Art by Nancy Baumiller
©2016 All Rights Reserved

See you on Day 88!




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